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a post about why i’m back with a new format

looking through the photos i took in new york and feeling slightly too nostalgic for only being home for about eight hours. anyway preview of some stuff i’ll upload tomorrow. or the next day.
eight things I’ve learned in my first eight hours in nyc

1. never travel more than double the amount of hours you’ve slept

2. if you think you have a blister, you’re probably bleeding through half of your sock already

3. nostalgia for places you’ve never been is the most powerful form of it

4. laugh right back at the intoxicated man in handcuffs trying to intimidate you

5. the glow of city lights is the only light I’ll ever need

6. you may get lost and nearly freeze to death but you’ll be just fine if you have hot chocolate

7. this is the only place I’ve never been anxious and the only place I’ve ever felt like maybe I belong

8. arriving when it’s dark, not having seen the sun the entire time I’ve been here, and standing at the edge of the lounge deck on the 27th floor are maybe the closest things to magic I’ll ever experience


by turiaf yao

prostitute in moscow, 1991peter turnley

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